fredag den 26. september 2014

The two Lesser Whitethroats were both curruca

The result of the genetic analysis on the two possible Siberian Lesser Whitethroats from Feldballe, May 21, 2014 and Anholt, June 1, 2014 confirms that they both had mitochondrial DNA belonging to Sylvia curruca curruca. As the difference in nuclear DNA between curruca and blythi is very little, it is however difficult to exclude a mixed origin. Nevertheless, we can say with confidence that the two birds fall into the curruca clade as defined in the recent paper by Olsson et al (2013) and moreover, say that at least its mother was a nominate curruca.

They were both originally thought to be possible blythi based on their distinct songs. However, when caught their wing formula did not differ significantly from curruca as much as the wing formula on the DNA-confirmed blythi from Anholt, October 20, 2012 did.

Below are some photos of the bird from Feldballe:

Note that the white throat contrasts with the buffy flanks and breast.
It is the bird to the right.
P2 falls between P5 and P6 (almost on level with P6).
Here the wing is compared with the 'Siberian Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia [curruca] blythi) found on Anholt in october 2012.

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