onsdag den 7. november 2012

Siberian Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia [curruca] blythi) on Anholt in Denmark

UPDATE: The result of the genetic analysis confirms what we had always thought - that this was a Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat somewhere on the blythi—halimodendri spectrum and based on cytokrom b the bird falls into the blythi clade as defined in the recent paper by Olsson et al (2013).


Hej Kent, 

Jag har kollat fågeln från Anholt, och sekvensen hamnar i exakt samma klad som holotypen av blythi. Så baserat på cytokrom b är den helt klart blythi.

Bästa hälsningar



I have now posted a feather of the Lesser Whitethroat from Anholt to Urban Olsson who kindly promised to analyse its DNA in order to specify geographical origin.

I am so very pleased that both Lars Svensson and Urban Olsson so kindly spend time on evaluating this Danish record and the whole Lesser Whitethroat complex in general. It’s very exciting and inspiring.

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