mandag den 5. november 2012

Second record of Brown Shrike in Denmark

This 2cy+ Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus) was found on November 4, 2012 at Årslev Engsø near Aarhus in Denmark.

The long, rufous-toned tail is strongly graduated (note in other photos the particularly short outermost tail feather), and the wing appeares relatively short (with only five-six primaries clearly visible beyond the tertials). It sported a strong grey- and pink-based, black-tipped, bill and could look rather bull-headed which, along with the well-defined facial pattern (including a bold dark mask and broad pale supercillium), the earthy brown upperparts and the strongly contrasting tertial fringes, are all supportive characters.  

Relatively large head and strong bill with deep base and strong curved culmen.

Note the rounded tail shape due to difference between t6 and t5. Rather short primaryprojection (c. 60%).

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