søndag den 23. januar 2022

Will Ross's Goose be added to Category A on the Danish list?

An adult Ross's Goose came to spend the night at Bygholm Vejle in North Jutland, together with thousands of pink-footed geese and barnacle geese from 17 November until 1 December 2021. In the second video it is seen leaving the night roost and flying away towards southeast where it was relocated feeding in fields near Gøttrup as seen in the first video. Before this individual arrived in Denmark, it was seen in Norway, in the company of pink-footed geese, in the period 12 October-13 November 2021 in Trøndelag and in Søgne on 16 November 2021. Ross's Goose has experienced a significant population increase currently estimated to count more than three million individuals, in contrast to the estimated 100,000 individuals in the 1960s. Thus, the chance of natural vagrants turning up in Europa has increased significantly and the species has most recently been added to the British list.



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